Talent Acquisition Services Overview


  • How effective is your recruiting strategy to attract, nurture and hire culturally aligned talent?

Big Picture Consulting delivers customized talent acquisition strategies that solves your hiring dilemmas by empowering companies to build, engage and nurture a thriving talent funnel, that enables you to compete for top talent and achieve your hiring objectives, while building your employment brand. 

As your dedicated talent partner, we listen to your unique recruiting challenges and business objectives to understand your hiring initiatives and develop a targeted talent strategy that attracts, engages and nurtures all-star candidates while building trust in your employment brand.

Our process begins by assessing your current talent strategy to identify gaps. Next, we research and propose an enhanced, customized talent strategy with targeted resources and advise on recruitment marketing best practices that creates candidate awareness, increases candidate applications, nurtures relationships and builds robust talent funnels.

Our talent acquisition solutions include:

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