Big Picture Consulting is a certified TalentCircles partner, a cloud-based candidate engagement and management platform that enables companies to create, brand, manage and own their private turnkey talent networks and sub-networks (circles). Big Picture Consulting can help you attract and engage passive candidates by providing a variety of strategic and technical consulting services including building, branding and managing your TalentCircles talent community.

What is recruitment research?

Recruitment research is a highly effective recruiting resource to build a talent pipeline for current open positions and future hiring initiatives. Recruitment research is conducted through intelligence gathering techniques to proactively identify candidates who currently work in similar positions, either for your competitors or within your industry that have the prerequisite career experience and skills required to fill an open position.

Recruitment research options:

1. Name Generation:

During a name generation project, in depth recruitment research is conducted to deliver a customized passive candidate list called a research report containing the contact information for potential candidates. The research report is an invaluable resource tool for your talent acquisition initiatives that you can use now to contact and qualify their interest and screen candidates for your current open position and can be used again as a short list to begin a future candidate search.

2. Candidate Development:

In addition to building a list of potential candidates, the recruitment research process is taken one step further…

  • As the next step beyond identifying talent that matches your specifications, each candidate is called to discuss your open position and are pre-qualified to determine their interest in your career opportunity.
  • To conclude the candidate development project, you will receive an enhanced research report containing; each candidate’s name, current employer, job title, contact information and their pre-screen responses.


  • To kick off your recruitment research project and build a robust talent pipeline, a due diligence session is conducted with your stakeholders to identify the skills and subtle attributes you're seeking, determine pre qualification criteria and ensure we fully understand your open requirement.
  • The due diligence assessment also helps to make certain there's a clear understanding of how the candidate you want to hire will contribute to your company, the business problems they’ll solve, their career growth path as well as their professional competencies, personal characteristics and leadership qualities your require.
  • At this point, proactive candidate research is conducted to build a customized talent pipeline of passive candidates who are currently working in similar positions within your industry that match your open requirement.

Benefits of recruitment research:

  • Cost effective resource with no long-term commitments
  • Customized approach to identify and target hard to find passive candidates
  • Research report: This is a value added resource you will utilize now for your current open position and again as a talent pipeline to jump-start a candidate search for a similar position in the future.
  • Time management: We do the time consuming, heavy lifting of conducting candidate research and you’re freed up to do what you do best and focus on moving qualified candidates through your hiring process.

Do you urgently need to build a passive talent pipeline? Contact us today to learn more about recruitment research.