Did you know (according to a recent LinkedIn survey) that 64% of active candidates search for open jobs with a mobile device and 45% of candidates apply for jobs using their mobile device? However, only 20% of companies have a mobile optimized career site. Mobile recruiting technology is not a fad. Candidate adoption rates continue to grow year over year and most companies lose candidates in the application process because they haven’t prioritized implementing a mobile friendly talent acquisition strategy and candidate experience.

In today’s frenetic fast paced world, candidates are increasingly using their mobile devices to research your employment brand and look for career opportunities during their commute or quick breaks away from the office. Candidates don’t have the patience or time to view a career site that doesn’t conform to their device, with slow loading pages or videos and an archaic application process comprised of job descriptions that aren’t mobile optimized, answering a never ending list of questions and uploading their resume. When reviewing your career site a candidate's expectations include; a mobile responsive career site that renders to their device with quick loading pages, streamlined description of your benefits and culture, mobile optimized job description and simplified apply process with minimal fields to fill out and the ability to apply with their social profile or an uploaded resume from cloud storage. 

Do you have a fully optimized mobile recruiting strategy to compete for top talent in an on the go world? If not, the good news is we’re still in the early innings of leveraging mobile recruiting technologies to attract top talent. But, the bad news is you need to embrace the mobile recruiting strategies and technologies now or risk being left in the dust in the battle for top talent.

At Big Picture Consulting, we’ll work with you to learn and understand your mobile recruiting initiatives and create a customized mobile recruiting strategy to attract and engage top candidates, increase job applications and enhance your employment brand.

Mobile recruiting solutions include:

  • Develop and publish a fully branded mobile optimized career site
  • Publish mobile compatible job descriptions with mobile apply functionality and full ATS and CRM integration
  • Enable candidate opt-In for mobile job alerts
  • Upload Resumes using Cloud Storage
  • Robust analytics dashboard
  • Opt-In mobile marketing campaigns

Social recruiting solutions include:

  • Develop your branded Facebook Career Site with ATS & CRM integration
  • Social integration: Candidates can share and apply for jobs using their social network profiles
  • Social Job Publishing
  • Social job distribution
  • Robust analytics dashboard

Do you want to compete for top talent? Take the next step today and request information about mobile recruiting and social recruiting solutions.