Big Picture Consulting leverages a proven five-step talent acquisition strategy to attract, engage and recruit top passive digital marketing and technology industry professionals.

1.     Our candidate recruitment process begins by conducting a thorough due diligence session with your stakeholders to drill down into the real specifics of your open position, the reporting relationships, the short and long term objectives, the skills, intangibles and subtle attributes you’re seeking in the candidate you want to hire. Our due diligence session ensures that we fully understand your hiring requirements, how your potential hire will be expected to contribute to your company, the business problems they’ll solve, their career growth path as well as their professional competencies, personal characteristics and leadership qualities you require.

2.     The next step is to write a performance profile instead of a job description. A performance profile, is a more in-depth and enticing position overview document that promotes your employment brand and sells your open position as a compelling career opportunity to the candidate by describing the immediate business problems they’ll solve, the impact they'll make in the future and how this position will move them forward in their career.

3.     At this step we’ll develop and leverage a customized talent acquisition strategy and conduct proactive candidate sourcing to identify top passive candidates that fit your requirements and unique corporate culture.

4.     Each candidate is then thoroughly interviewed and screened to ensure they’re a match for your hiring requirements and corporate culture and presented to your stakeholders with detailed notes.

5.     Based on your feedback, we’ll coordinate candidate interviews with your stakeholders and when you’re ready to hire, we’ll perform background checks, negotiate and extend an employment offer.