Recruitment Marketing, is a proactive talent acquisition strategy, in the pre-applicant stage, that leverages digital marketing best practices, to attract, engage and nurture passive talent for current and future hiring initiatives. The objectives of a recruitment marketing campaign are to promote your employment brand and build a robust talent funnel of spot-on candidates, with a combination of core skills and experience that are culturally aligned.

Recruitment marketing leverages consistent, integrated marketing communication messaging and inbound marketing best practices, to educate passive talent about your culture, values, career opportunities and build trust in your employment brand, so they will apply for your current or future open positions. This is achieved through a variety of tactics including; SEO, content marketing, landing pages, social marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing, CRM, talent communities, career sites, employment videos and recruiting analytics.

Recruitment Marketing is very important because, in today’s competitive recruiting world, candidates are increasingly behaving like consumers. Before candidates decide to apply, they are interacting a few times with your company, to learn more about your culture values and career opportunities to decide if you’re the right employer to fulfill their personal and professional needs by; reviewing your career site and social pages, reading your job ads, blog posts, looking at employer review sites, talking to their friends and their social connections.

Implementing recruitment marketing best practices is an essential component of a comprehensive talent acquisition strategy that goes beyond the status quo of job board post and pray. Adopting recruitment marketing best practices, is a game changer for your talent strategy to gain a competitive edge in the never-ending battle to attract top candidates and distinguish your culture and employment brand from your competitors.

To effectively manage and analyze the progress of your recruitment marketing campaigns, you should utilize a SaaS recruitment marketing platform. The functionality to look for in a SaaS Recruitment Marketing Platform includes but is not limited to; Landing Pages, Career Site, Social Content Promotion, Job Distribution, Talent Network, CRM, Email Marketing and Analytics. 

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